I've recently come out as bi and polyamorous but I don't know how to handle the whole polyamorous relationship thing. Do I lose my poly card if I choose to be in a closed monogamous relationship instead?


Polyamorous relationships can be very in-depth with a lot of boundaries or very loose - it all depends on how each of your relationships have been set up and how they continue to evolve over time as those involved grow and change. It can take a long time to get the hold of, and each individual relationship is it’s own and has it’s own individual life.

Given the fact that polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved - no you do not lose your poly card if you chose to be in a closed monogamous relationship instead whether just for the moment, or for years. You are capable of loving more than one person at once but this does not mean that you always must. Just because you choose to be in a closed mono relationship at the moment does not mean that you are not poly - as does being a bisexual individual in a heterosexual or in a homosexual relationship at the moment does not negate your bisexuality. Same as being single does not necessary mean that you are available. 

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Polyamory: Not always competition-free!


Polyamory: Not always competition-free!

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with my bae 👌🌸🌼🌿💕



with my bae 👌🌸🌼🌿💕

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Polyamory is a way that heterosexual men can “hedge”, or invest, in various women, to the degree that they want to, and benefit from the returns until the investment is no longer worthwhile. There are many things that can make the investment become less worthwhile -when women start to ask for something in return, or demand more emotional, social, or sexual accountability, or transparency, or care activity. The polyamorous hedge then becomes a shield against accountability, and a guarantee that there is other attention to exploit without having to really offer anything back. Should the return gain fail on one relationship, or should you be asked to be accountable for your actions with that woman, or invest more by caring more, you have created other relationships to fall back on and reap gains from. Hedging is utterly objectifying, exploitative, and violent.

Polyamory as a Reserve Army of Care Labor

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Hetero Poly under patriarchy. Not so viable. Especially when so many men see us as things not full people.

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Every single dude I’ve seen outside my relationship has turned into a fuckboy the second I asked for accountability or demanded more respect. BYE. 

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how the bi-bros get fit quick

too cute


how the bi-bros get fit quick

too cute

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members of hetero couples that identify as queer just because they are poly are so, so, so, so, so out of line, it absolutely grosses me out, I’ve had every excuse in the book about its justification thrown at me and it is STILL so out of line i…

Alright, let’s get something straight (all puns intended)

If you are heterosexual, you are not queer. 

Being poly does not make you queer.

Having a non-hetero orientation makes you queer. 

Your relationship orientation and your sexual orientation are mutually exclusive of one another. Don’t use one to justify calling yourself something completely unrelated.

Love Infinite,

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I literally just found your blog after I posted about my relationship and have been looking for blogs that have info on related relationships.. I think I can learn a lot from yours. If you think my latest post fits your blogs content.. please reblog. Thanks <3 I would love for advice from others, and also I’m a relatively new blog (finally hit 50 followers, fuck yeah!) haha. 

My three boyfriends and I are all in love and have intimate relations (both in various combinations and as a group) with each other. We live together in one apartment, and have bedrooms that we sometimes pair up in, or sleep all together in the master bedroom. However, we haven't established that two of us are a couple and are dating the others. We don't want to label ourselves as polyamorous if we actually "aren't." Are we by definition polyamorous, or should we look for another label? -Perrie

You are polyamorous - polyamory comes in many forms. What you are in is what I would affectionately call a “Poly-blob” and relationships like that are magical and very special. Don’t worry about labeling yourselves - live a life full of love and support and be happy!

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Hi there, I've been ployamorous for the last 5 years and have always gone for really regular STD checks to keep me and my partners safe. However, recently I was diagnosed with herpes. I don't know how long I've had it - maybe longer than I've been poly as you can carry it and not have symptoms. There are loads of resources and info out there about safer sex which assume you haven't already got an STD, but I can't find any pro-poly resources for people post-STD diagnosis. Do you know of any? Than

I don’t know of any pro-poly STD resources (yet - fyp is planning on starting a real website where we’ll have these resources available), but I would recommend
1. contacting all of your partners you’ve had over the past 5 years and make sure they get checked
2. make sure to always be open and honest about the fact that you have herpes to all your partners both present and future *before* engaging in sexual activities with them - it is possible to transmit herpes from the genetalia to the mouth, so even oral sex require disclosure
3. get on an antiviral medication to help prevent outbreaks and transmission to partners
4. always use a barrier method of protection to help prevent transmitting the disease to your partners.
5. there are post-STD diagnosis dating websites where you can say I am positive with disease X, am polyamorous, and am seeking other partners with disease X. These may be of use if you feel uncomfortable dating.

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Hello Kristiane, my name is Sam & I'm from the UK. Basically, I am working with a tv production company & we are putting together a tv programme that is 1hr long that celebrates love and raises awareness of polyamorous families. Sadly, in the UK polyamory families are so quiet we are finding it hard to share their stories. We pay a generous fee for anybody who takes part. We've got 2 poly families who are already participating. Do you know of any UK families that could help share understanding?

Well, this is a great place to solicit for families. Anyone looking to participate (that lives in the UK) please contact dreampickler!

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