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I don’t know how the decision really came about initially; I guess a drunk conversation about how much we adored each other but how unrealistic a monogamous relationship was..(due to distance, our age, and our sexual appetite). If we wanted to have anything together, it would have to be an open…

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Final Farewell

I wanted to say good bye to you all.

I, DreamInventor also known as L, will no longer be an administrator on FYP.

I miss posting, seeking out information for you all, and doing the best I can… but I couldn’t do it alone, and I was forced to way too much.

Please be patient with the creator of this blog (P). He created this because he felt very passionate about the subject.

Do not expect too much out of him - he’s a PhD student.

Things just haven’t worked out.

I wish the best for your all, and as always, infinite love,



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Im Rachel and I’m  Poly!

Im Rachel and I’m  Poly!

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You had a follower ask about poly in movies. The best depiction recently was in the short lived TV show Caprica. It shows a very positive and happy family dynamic of tfour wives and three husbands and the resultant group of children living in one house. It went as far as to show how the love (and sex) was in pairs and groups. I was actually surprised when it showed two of the husbands kiss. It was a great show, sadly it might have been just too much for US audiences.

I am definitely going to check that out. Thanks!

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I loved finding your blog here, I think it’s amazing!

This is really the first blog (other than one of my own) that I felt like I could comfortably share my own poly story. :)

My fiance and I have been together for over a little more than 3 years now, and we had been discussing opening up our relationship for the past year and what it would mean. As we got into 2012, I met the guy who would become my now-boyfriend and that was an interesting experience.

At first we were on shaky terms with the concept, we talked a lot about it and established some temporary “rules” in order to make it a more comfortable transition. As time passed and tensions eased, we all got comfortable with each other and I am very happy to say that the three of us are fantastically happy!

Both of them have been encouraged to date others if they wish, and I’ve been on the receiving end of details varying from PG to X-rated. If I could find a way to describe our relationship, it’s like the three very best friends. Except I get to sleep with both of them! ;) hahaha

I just wanted to share my story, we are definitely a happy little triangle right now, and this felt like a good place to talk about it and receive more positive feedback than I have gotten on other sites and other place.

Lots of love!

Would you happen to know of any good films/books/television shows that portray polyamorous relationships in a positive light? Fiction or non-?

One of my favorite science fiction books is The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Heinlein and it contains a favorable depiction of polyamory. Do any readers have more suggestions?

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Re: This question: "I just found your blog, so I'm not sure if you have mentioned this but how should I go about telling a potential lover I'm polyamorous and already have one partner?" I really think that poly people, especially those who already have a partner, need to be upfront initially and give the new potential partner all relevant information. Not everyone is okay dating someone with a primary if they don't have one themselves. It's basic courtesy to be upfront initially.

Yes it is a courtesy! Not doing this is something called “lying by omission”

HONEST OPEN COMMUNICATION is the biggest thing stressed here.

Thank you for your contribution :) Always appreciated!

Love Infinite,

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I can totally relate to the anon who thinks that poly is what she wants but worries about the jealousy and insecurity. I'm in a relationship now that we've agreed is poly although not too much has happened there. I also have a lot of jealousy and insecurity to deal with but I know that they're there and I've worked on them quite a bit. It isn't easy but it's a lot better to know these things about yourself ahead of time so they don't sneak up on you and destroy your relationships.

Thank you so much! It is better to figure these things out about yourself :)

Love Infinite,
Fuck Yeah Polyamory 

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Polycule: First Time


When I heard my husband say “I love you” to her for my first time, I didn’t hate her (and I didn’t hate him). When I saw him kiss her deeply, a lump of betrayal did not form in my throat. When he caressed her softly, my heart string were not ripped out. No. None of that happened….

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I think we’re doing it wrong. “We” being polyamorous folks and “it” being discussing polyamory with monogamous friends.

Often I’ve noticed, in myself as well as others, when faced with the daunting task of explaining polyamory to someone who’s either never heard of it or is being judgmental, we…

““Well yeah but it’s not for everyone,”

Except that it’s NOT for everyone, just as monogamy is not for everyone. So… Yeah?

The entire point of my post was that encouraging that thought and using it as a defense mechanism further perpetuates the idea that not only is polyamory not for everyone, it’s not for anyone. So what if it isn’t for everyone? That’s not a reason not to demand that everyone respect and support it.

“It’s not for everyone” is polite code for “this is a weird thing.” And polyamory is not weird, so people need to stop using “it’s not for everyone” as a way to try and garner support for it. It’s not going to work. It’s like saying, ”please respect and encourage my strange and fringe lifestyle that I recognize as strange and fringe.”

Plus, I do think polyamory could be for everyone, so, there’s that.

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